How to be best you can be

Yes, there is, and it is called – INTEGRATION.

We all start our days with a certain amount of energy. The amount may vary, but this energy is what keeps us alive, and we die with its depletion. The secret to being the best version of yourself lies in how tactfully you manage your energy.

A baby grows better with the mother’s attention, better than just with food. It’s called the biorhythm – the rhythmic biological cycles that influence a person’s ability.

For a baby, as it’s growing it is even more important. As we grow up, we seek attention. It’s a natural tendency. As a child, we get energy from attention, and as we grow up, we look for attention from others to maintain energy levels.

Sometimes we get lucky, other times we are left feeling lonely. But unless we find an alternative, we remain attention seekers, because it is like food for consciousness – nourishment for the ego and mind.

Once you begin walking on the spiritual path and meditating, you might notice that this need to seek attention from others, withers away.

Because you’ll know how to tap into the source of your energy.

Energy is in Integration

Integration is a process where your physical body, intellectual mind, and open-hearted spirit collaborate. You must have noticed it when you exercise.

When you are done with your daily workout regime, it makes you feel better. And even though you may be physically exhausted at that time, you also feel a surge of energy; this is because when you exercise or do yoga, all your body parts and mind orchestrate in symphony.

“Integration gives energy. Disintegration depletes energy. Integrated people, I suggest, are more content with their lives and thus happier than people who are falling apart—physically, mentally, socially, or economically.” – Prof. Ichak Adizes.

In the context of life and its journey, integration is about utilizing the gifts you have attained as a human, rather than just thinking about them.

Here is how you can do that and be your best version:


Our ancestors knew the significance of performing a significant activity at the same time every day. My mentor, Daaji calls it “Automatism”. Following any form of spiritual or mental practice helps in integrating the deepest cores of the heart, but is more effective if done at the same time every day

Now, this can be as simple as meditating for a few minutes or doing a mental wellness routine but as long as it is done at the same time and preferably at the same place to develop automatism.


When you push yourself constantly to do more, be better, get faster results – all without allowing your mind a breather, you are hurtling towards burnout.

To keep your mind healthy, and in a working state, it is necessary to take some time out and simply do nothing – just breathe.

Experts say that taking time to simply breathe and ponder on your actions is a productivity enhancer. It’s comparable to allowing fresh and clean air into the room of your mind, that’s been shut off by ‘all action, and no contemplation.’


Purging is throwing away stuff that you are no longer using – like clothes, accessories, books, or even old photographs.

When you purge yourself of all the junk and clutter in your life; physical junk made from useless materialistic things (like clothes), mental junk consisting of unnecessary thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, you actively make space and allow yourself to live more soulfully.

Here’s what you should be purging:

• Commitments that are unnecessary or time-consuming

• Unhealthy connections or relationships

• Destructive habits

• Philosophies or interests that no longer suffice to your growth goal

In essence, anything that no longer serves a functional purpose in your life.

But do not purge people or memories; rather, let go of the unnecessary mental baggage surrounding them.


This is probably the best way to be the best version of YOU.

You know you do not need to be an artist to create a piece of art. Art is an act of expression. It comes from within.

Creativity helps you to probe into the source of your thoughts because thought is nothing but the impulse of energy and intelligence.

Often, we have this tendency to filter out something that doesn’t fit into our belief system. This tendency blocks creativity.

Why is creativity vital in integration, and why should we be aware of our tendencies?

Because a crucial aspect of creativity is imagination, and when we link that image to the present state of reality, we establish an integrated condition where the mind and the body arrive at a state of balance.


To be the best of who you can be, it is important to take care of your mental and physical health. Everyone needs time for quiet contemplation in a noisy world where information all around is a steady electronic buzz.

Meditation has been proven to help with stress levels and increase productivity. Some time out each day—whether 15 minutes or an hour—to simply contemplate what truly matters most will leave you more energized when confronted with life’s challenges.

It takes effort at first but soon becomes second nature as our mind automatically begins to clear itself of unnecessary thoughts after a few weeks, if not sooner!

For those who have difficulty finding their routine or cannot seem to find enough time or space, it is good to indulge in creative activities that you can bring with you anywhere.

This doesn't necessarily have to be painting or a musical instrument; any hobby that enables your mind to wander for two minutes will do the trick!

Here are some examples: swimming, walking outdoors, reading fiction (it’s very different from non-fiction), attending meditation and spiritual events are also creative ways to help your mind get some much-needed downtime.

Remember: There is always a way out, you only need to look for it.