Sanjay Sehgal

Founder & CEO MSys


"Stay away from the superficial. Be true to yourself, and your potential. 
Touch lives and inspire others at every chance you get."

After being an entrepreneur for several decades now, this is the only thing that I believe in today. As I have always been vocal about my dislike for the current hustle culture, I love to guide and mentor people to develop a well-balanced life with equal priorities for work, family, and themselves.

My Initial Years

During my formative years as a child and then a teenager, I realised that the feeling of deep satisfaction comes from helping others. Though I did not have any long-term vision back then to support this urge of mine, subconsciously, I believed in the sense of internal accomplishments and empathy towards society at large.

When I grew up, I got more clarity of thought and I realised that the fundamental needs of a human being are love and care. This understanding is supported by subconscious beliefs, and it shaped me to be the person that I am today.

I was born in New Delhi, in a humble joint family. The time was post-independence. The country was exploring new possibilities everywhere, but dreaming big was not something that anyone thought was possible.

We lived a modest life in our two-bedroom apartment, shared by my grandparents and parents. We found happiness in small things, like when the chai (tea) had that extra tinge of ginger or the days when the rotis (bread) felt softer. I preferred sleeping in my grandfather’s room to listen to his awe-inspiring stories of entrepreneurship in Peshawar (now in Pakistan). It was a hair-raising experience to transcend into his stories and relive with him the period when he built his business and left everything behind post-partition between India and Pakistan. Those stories were full of the human spirit, grit, awe-inspiring passion, and sadness at times. Moreover, my grandfather instilled a sense of positivity and entrepreneurial spirit in me.

My Journey from Delhi to Atlanta

I was always a good student, a "scholar," as they called me. As a result, only a few kids my age would want to play with me. So, I had ample time and opportunity to think about and reflect on different things. These moments with myself have given me a chance to create my inner sensibility, which has changed my worldview even at that age.

My professional journey as a software engineer started during the era of the dot-com boom. I got a chance to work for a prestigious firm in Silicon Valley from a remote location. Soon, I was invited to move to Atlanta and start working there.

After working for some time as a technocrat in Atlanta, I realised that my true calling lay in marketing and sales. And that is why I acquired the skills and pursued this for the next three years. My dedication got the company a deal worth a million dollars, and along with that, my professional life as an employee came to an end as I took the plunge to become an entrepreneur.

My Entrepreneurial Journey

My first venture - iVivity was during the onset of the early 2000 recession. We faced hiccups due to tyrannical market conditions. However, we managed to raise our first round of funding in the year of its inception. As a team, iVivity was honored as the "Top emerging private company" in 2001 by the Technology Association of Georgia, and the MIT Forum.

After successfully running iVivity for a few years, I transitioned to another venture—a software company that built information management solutions. I sold this company to a large storage and networking enterprise firm based in California. Since then, I have started a few more technology companies, including MSys.

Currently, I am the founder and CEO of MSys Technologies. We have not only carved a niche by catering to some amazing clients, but also acquired businesses like Clogeny, DigiFutura, and Mobinius Technologies. I am also the founder of MSys Training, which is globally recognized for Enterprise Training Solutions, Professional Certification, and Corporate Programs.

My Spiritual Journey

When I am talking about who I am, it will remain incomplete if I don’t mention my spiritual journey and how it transformed me to become a better person. It began when I left my humble middle-class background and went to the USA in the nineties. Life brings us comfort, wealth, and luxury, but it often propels us away from the basic human fulfillment of simple moments. With the help of meditation, I wanted to get close to my roots, and my moments of fulfillment, and this is when I came across a book by Chariji. The book introduced me to Babuji, the founder of the Heartfulness Mission, and it felt like a divine intervention. I was exposed to the practice of ‘Sahaj Marg’ (now known as Heartfulness Meditation). Babuji taught that serving others isn't charity, but the duty of every human to make this world a better place. His teachings sowed the seeds of change in me by instilling the idea of selfless volunteering. Therefore, service, or "seva,’ as we call it in India, became the way of my life. It was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. My current mentor, Padmabhushan beloved Daaji, is now guiding me through the dilemmas of life and towards endless joy. My association with Heartfulness has taught me peace and relaxation in life. I have learned that kindness should be instantaneous to make the situation at hand better.

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