Do you struggle with procrastination?


Do you struggle with procrastination? Here are a few tips to get out of the vicious circle

As a teenager when my parents used to nag me for eating my meals on time, doing my homework on time or finishing my chores before I was rewarded with much awaited play time, I would dream about being a carefree adult who could live life on his own terms. Several decades and now a generation later, I fondly remember them for inculcating those good habits and those reminders. Because today we find ourselves looking for root causes to procrastination, which can be easily fixed by going back to our roots and simplifying the ways of our life. This Monday, I hope you start your week with the resolve to get things done, here are some ways you can be cognizant of your procrastination. 

Quitting procrastination with bad mental health is like riding a broken bike uphill - 
Examine if this stems from a deeper emotional struggle or a burden that's weighing your mental health down. No matter what formula you try it won't work unless you address the matters of the mind first. Also be kind to yourself when you feel overwhelmed by the quantum of tasks, once you allow yourself to feel it, acknowledge it and overcome it, you will truly find a solution

Lists maketh man - 
It is imperative to start your day with a list of your daily tasks. Even on days when you just cannot get anything done, don’t, make a list of tasks at the very least so that you are vigilant about managing your time. And just as your parents rewarded you for completing the chores, reward yourself too for achieving them 

Dopamine deficiency - 
It is proven that when your brain does not produce enough dopamine which is a hormone responsible for satisfaction & motivation, you tend to feel really lethargic & procrastinate. Effective production of dopamine plays a role in many important body functions, including movement, memory and pleasurable reward and motivation. Getting 8 hours of sleep, exercising, dancing, listening to music, meditating, and spending time outdoors in the sun can all boost dopamine levels. Overall, a healthy lifestyle & balanced diet can go a long way in increasing your body's natural production of dopamine and aiding your optimal brain function.

Time management-
An efficient time management comes from knowing yourself better - learn what are your peak performance timings in a day and keep the hardest tasks for those hours. Avoid lengthy calls, discussions or interruptions during that time and you will realise most of your output is only dependent on good efficiency.

Are too many breaks breaking you?-
Understand if a break does you more harm than good then it's better to power through the task. Too many breaks during a task can break your efficiency and too little can burn you out. Find your sweet spot of functionality by recording time taken to do tasks. 

Eventually, some days will just be too hard to do your best, and that’s okay too. Afterall, boredom fosters creativity! 

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