How to Stop Overthinking

Decisions like a Great Leader - Manifest Happiness, and Money?
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Date: 26th April, 2022
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Time: 5.30 PM IST
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About The Webinar

A trivia – humans have an average of 6200 thoughts per day.

I am sure that most of these thoughts are just not required. And, clearly, you all are overthinking, which is affecting your health, wealth, and wisdom. You need to take the chargeof your mind and become its master. There is no other way out.

I will tell you practical, tried, and tested methods to dominate your mind and STOP OVERTHINKING! These methods are known secrets to the great leaders of our world - be it Elon Musk or Ratan Tata. You bet, you will unravel the key to unlock your hidden potential and if you apply it consistently in a span of time you will be a part of the clan, which we call thesuperhuman - (Not to mistake it for Dr. Strange or Iron Man.)

  • Structured methods to counter overthinking
  • How to fearlessly express your views
  • How to use overthinking to improve your performance
  • How to practice nonattachment
  • Mindset of a great leader
  • Manifest Happiness and Money – without losing your mind.

About Speaker

Webinar with Key Learnings

Global businessman and heartful human. Sanjay is Founder and CEO of MSys Group, with passion for philanthropy that he imbibed through Heartfulness Meditation. He is a global businessman, technology entrepreneur and an experienced speaker with remarkable ability to strike the right balance between business and conscious living that has influenced many. He is like a monk who decided to work and make positive difference in society.

About Sanjay
Sanjay Sehgal
Founder & CEO, MSys Group
Heartfulness Meditation Trainer.


What is the duration of this webinar?-
Less than an hour.
Why should I attend this webinar?+
To become a master of your mind – and think like a leader
Is the webinar in English or Hindi?+
English, but speaker can clarify your doubts in Hindi too if required.
Do I have to pay for the webinar?+
Is it possible to personally connect with the speaker?+
Who is Sanjay Sehgal?+
Global Businessman who has built and run multiple ventures, and someone who knows how to sustain success.